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Samsung RW52DASS1 Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler in Black, Brown and Stainless Steel  99.00 
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This listing is for 1 x Samsung RW52DASS1 Wine Cooler. This fantastic wine cooler features a stylish, modern design and a flat back – making it much easier to clean and allowing it to sit flat against a wall. Utilising dual temperature zones for red and white wines and UV protection, this excellent cooler would look great in any home or restaurant.

The fridge currently has an issue which is easily repairable, however, I do not have the time to deal with this. It is stuck on the same temperature (a cold one) in all sections. Also, the temperature display does not show an accurate temperature setting option. It is set at a low price and can be left as is for beer/champagne/white wine, or you could easily get it fixed by a technician. It does NOT make any strange noises/rattling/smells - the issue is presumably somewhere between the thermostat and programming.

All in all, if you want a great fridge for bubbly and white wine, this will do the job as is. I have therefore significantly reduced the price to make a fair sale.

It easily takes 52 bottles laying nicely without ruining the labels, like some other fridges do and it always does the job.

The fridge has an internal light which looks lovely. It is also worth mentioning that this marvellous wine cooler has always been kept in my utility room and has a few small dents on the stainless steel rim from moving things around (please see pictures). None of this affects the performance one bit, so although I wouldn't put it in the living room, it is still a perfectly working fridge.

It comes with a key too so that you can keep your beverages secure!

I can help you lift it into a car, estate, or pick-up truck as it needs to stand upright throughout transport. I can also switch it on and put a few bottles of wine in it the night before you come to collect so that you can see it in use.

Product Description:

Even the best wine will spoil if it is not kept properly. The best temperature for most wine is around 10°C for white wine and 15°C to 18°C for red wine. Because SAMSUNG’s RW52DASS1 has two separate zones you can keep your red and white wine at different temperatures, so your wine will always be at its best and a joy to drink, because it's stored under ideal conditions.

The RW52DASS1 provides an environment with 55 to 75% humidity, which is essential for ensuring the corks in your wine bottles don’t dry out. With two separate temperature zones, you can keep both your red wines and your white wines at their ideal temperatures.

UV radiation is one of the main factors that spoil wine. The RW52DASS features a UV protected glass door to protect your wine from harmful UV rays, providing optimal wine storage environment.


• UV protection coated door
• LED display
• 52 bottle capacity
• Dual temperature zones for red and white wines
• Low noise & vibration
• Humid environment
• Wooden shelves
• Door lock
• Levelling legs
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 840 x 595 x 613mm
• R600a refrigerant
• Temp Range: 8-18 degrees and 3-18 degrees centigrade
• Weight: 57kg

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